Unmanned Aircraft Systems

We represent businesses and individuals looking to operate, manufacture, buy, lease, sell, or insure UAS, also commonly referred to as “drones.”

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With roots firmly planted in aviation, FMJ is a natural choice for businesses and individuals looking to operate, manufacture, buy, lease, sell, or insure unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) – also commonly referred to as “drones.”

The UAS industry is rapidly expanding and has immense economic potential for those who choose to integrate UAS into their businesses. Congress mandated UAS regulation by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), requiring the inclusion of UAS into the National Airspace System (NAS) under certain operational limitations. Since the infancy of commercial and hobby UAS use, FMJ attorneys have been advising early adopters of the current state of regulatory affairs, as well as procedures for licensing and registration requirements for UAS use. In addition to the rules governing the use of UAS, there are many other aspects of UAS use in which FMJ has substantial experience, such as guiding users through liability protections and insurance requirements. Regardless of the level of their UAS experience, businesses and individuals that recognize the significant impact that UAS can have in their operations should be seeking legal counsel to help them navigate the complex regulations, operational restrictions and economic considerations that UAS use entails.

FMJ attorneys offer full-service representation for users of UAS. For individuals and businesses that want to use UAS for public or commercial purposes, we assist with advising and obtaining any special or experimental airworthiness certificates, certificates of waiver or authorization or any other licensing and administrative permission required to conduct the desired UAS operations. We also advise on and help avoid various legal pitfalls of owning and operating UAS. We guide manufacturers of UAS through corporate dealings and general business issues, as well as assist with obtaining type certificates, if necessary. We also represent insurers that provide UAS insurance coverage.

Our UAS group also includes a team of litigators for when lawsuits arise. These attorneys are experienced aviation litigators who have tried some of the biggest aviation cases in the United States. The veteran counsel at FMJ have tried many highly-publicized and nationally-important cases, including Wicker v. Trans World Airlines & Boeing, the landmark TWA #841 rollover case, and Hoeper v. Air Wisconsin, a case that reached the United States Supreme Court, ending victoriously for our client Air Wisconsin Airlines and creating security implications for the entire airline industry. We also handle FAA enforcement matters and product liability cases, including those related to UAS matters.

With FMJ’s long-time involvement in the aviation industry, it is poised and prepared to handle the needs of its clients concerning this emerging technology.

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