Jim Seifert, Head of FMJ’s Manufacturing Practice Group, Discusses Emerging Technologies in Twin Cities Business

July 2019

Head of FMJ’s Manufacturing practice, Jim Seifert, is quoted in the July edition of Twin Cities Business magazine. The article, “Everything is Interconnected” discusses how emerging digital technologies are making it easier for businesses to find talent, organize workloads, engage with customers and vendors, and make deliveries.

Jim discusses these technologies from a manufacturing perspective.

“It’s no small trick to be a successful manufacturer these days,” says James Seifert, head of the manufacturing practice group at Eden Prairie–based law firm Fafinski Mark & Johnson. One of the key ways that manufacturers can use high tech to boost their capabilities, Seifert says, is through predictive analytics.

By collecting customer data and then analyzing the patterns, manufacturers can make more accurate production schedules and keep customers happy. “There are huge cost savings to be had” by “spreading that throughout your whole supply chain,” Seifert notes. This can make estimating demand cycles much more accurate.

At the same time, how a company gathers, stores, and uses customer information touches on cutting-edge legal issues, Seifert says. That means, he notes, that cybersecurity will be a growth industry for tech suppliers to the manufacturing sector.

Everything is Interconnected,” by Gene Rebeck, Twin Cities Business (July 2019)