Governor Walz Signs Extended “Stay at Home” Order and Expands Classification of Essential Businesses

April 2020

On April 8, 2020, Governor Walz signed Emergency Executive Order 20-33 (the “Order”) extending until May 3, 2020, at 11:59 pm the Stay at Home Order (originally set to expire April 10) and Temporary Closure of Bars, Restaurants, and Other Places of Public Accommodation (originally set to expire May 1). The Order largely extends the previous Executive Orders but aims to expand the classification of essential businesses. Under the Order, essential businesses now include:

  • Workers supporting minimum basic operations in all businesses and other organizations (e.g., maintaining the value of a business’ inventory; preserving the condition of a business’ facilities; processing payroll; and ensuring the security of a business).
  • Workers supporting the medical cannabis industry.
  • Lawn care and landscaping workers.
  • Workers supporting garden centers and nurseries provided they adhere to guidelines from the Minnesota Department of Agriculture.
  • Workers supporting florists for the sale of delivery-only perishable stock.
  • Car, motorcycle, ATV and RV sales necessary for the support of critical sectors, provided they’re conducted by appointment and provided CDC guidelines including social distancing can be met.
  • Workers who clean public transportation, government services, or critical sector vehicles.
  • Workers supporting building code enforcement necessary to maintain public health and safety, and for all ongoing construction.
  • Workers, including logistical and contract workers, critical to facilitating national, state, and local emergency response operations.
  • Workers required to process hunting and fishing licenses, where it’s impractical for people to apply online.
  • Workers at arts and crafts stores, but only for the purpose of distributing materials that can be used to make personal protective equipment (PPE) for pickup or delivery.
  • Workers providing care – such as daycare or boarding businesses – to the pets of critical workers, the disabled, or the ill/quarantined.
  • Workers supporting pet adoption and fostering provided paperwork and payment is done online and social distancing is observed during the adoption process.

As with the original Stay at Home Order, Minnesotans are permitted to leave their residence for exempted Activities such as obtaining food and medical services or engaging in outdoor activities. The Order can be read in its entirety here. For additional guidance on the original Stay at Home Order, please read our previous article here.

If you have questions, please contact Bob Fafinski (, Jim Seifert (, or AJ Kupstis ( about the updated Order and how it affects your business or workplace.