Finance & Commerce: Top 10 Things to do Before Starting a Business

November 2012

In this Finance & Commerce article, corporate attorney Pat Shriver writes about 10 things every entrepreneur should do before starting a business. “#1. Form a business entity. Using a corporation or limited liability company isn’t something that should wait until your business becomes successful. Forming a business will protect the personal assets of the owners and… Read more >

Upsize Minnesota: When Mental Health Issues Arise, Here’s how to Comply with the ADA

November 2012

As more employees are diagnosed and treated for mental health disabilities such as ADHD and autism, the practical application of the ADA can be difficult because, unlike physical disabilities, mental health disabilities are not visible or easily identifiable. “In many cases, an employee verbally and informally discloses a physical or mental condition to a supervisor… Read more >

Training Magazine: Social Media Policy 101

October 2012

The ever-changing world of social media can leave some employers unsure. FMJ HR & Employment attorney Heidi Carpenter answers some of the most pressing questions in an article for Training Magazine entitled “Social Media Policy 101.” “Do we need a defined social media policy? This one is easy: Yes. Without a clearly written social media policy, employees have… Read more >

Finance & Commerce: How to Prepare to Sell your Small Business

May 2012

FMJ Corporate attorney Heidi Carpenter wrote a guest column for the Small Business Resource Guide section of Finance & Commerce, a Minnesota-based publication. In the column, “How to Prepare to Sell your Small Business,” Heidi explains some very important steps sellers need to take before considering a sale of their business. A couple important steps she advises taking are… Read more >