Reopening During COVID-19: Is Your Business Prepared for the “New Normal”?

May 2020

In preparation for lifting their “Stay at Home” or similar orders in the coming weeks, governors and public health authorities in some states are implementing new requirements that companies must meet in order to resume and/or continue operations in the workplace during the COVID-19 pandemic. For example, as FMJ reported in our news alert on… Read more >

Aviation Getting Back to Work: Employee and Customer Considerations

April 2020

As local stay at home orders become lifted or relaxed, more employers will be able to open their doors to their employees and their customers. In the aviation industry, the employees and customers of charter operators, aircraft management companies, and even corporate flight departments will inherently come into close contact with each other, and operators… Read more >

Minnesota Governor Allows Reopening of Select Businesses, But Careful Planning is Key to Opening

April 2020

Yesterday afternoon, Governor Walz announced the issuance of Executive Order 20-40 (“Order”), which will allow many employers in non-critical sectors to reopen their business and bring employees back to work as early as Monday, April 27, 2020, subject to certain conditions. This announcement, while welcome news to businesses that have suffered economically due to mandatory… Read more >