Senior Perspective: So What’s the Problem with Probate?

May 2013

Many people believe that having a last will and testament avoids probate. This, however, is a common misconception. In FMJ Trusts & Estates attorney David Ness’ Senior Perspective article, he discusses how one can avoid the probate process. “For some people, there is no problem with the administration of an estate in probate court. For others,… Read more >

Twin Cities Business: Estate Planning Professionals On “Having The Talk”

August 2012

FMJ Trusts & Estates attorney David Ness contributed to a Twin Cities Business Magazine article entitled “Having the Talk,” in which he emphasizes the importance of discussing your estate plan with your heirs. This is an uncomfortable conversation for many people, but David explains why it is critical and gives tips for making the discussion easier. Read the article… Read more >

Cabin Life: Passing Down the Family Cabin

August 2012

Do you have a cabin succession plan? FMJ Trusts & Estates attorney David Ness wrote an article for Cabin Life magazine that outlines the importance of including a “cabin plan” in your family’s estate plan. David advises that you involve family members in the discussion to determine everyone’s wishes; then, outline a succession plan for the property based on those wishes to… Read more >