Why College Students Need an Estate Plan

August 2019

Soon college students will pack their boxes and cars to head off to a new and exciting year. Their brains are filled with questions like: “How will I handle my class load?”; “Which sorority/fraternity should I rush?”; “What should I do for fall break?” One question likely NOT on their minds: “Do I need an… Read more >

Estate Planning: Don’t Let the Summer Slowdown Slow You Down!

July 2019

While we don’t want to admit it, we are 40 days away from Labor Day. Unfortunately, that date generally marks the end of summer (at least for the Midwest) and while we are trying to soak in the last of these sun-filled days, the quiet days of summer are also a great time for you… Read more >

Planting & Cultivating Your Charitable Planning

May 2019

Spring is finally here and the weather is getting warmer – time for spring clean-up and planting season! It seems that planting a flower garden involves certain steps that are analogous to charitable planning. First, you gather the best soil. After that, you should probably scout the right location, decide on your flowers, and then… Read more >

IRS Confirms No Clawback for Lifetime Exemption Gifts

April 2019

Are you taking advantage of the increased gift and estate tax exclusions? If not, it might be a good idea to take a look at using the higher exemption that is in place today.  The 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, in essence, doubled the lifetime exemption for estate and gift taxes. For example, the… Read more >