FMJ’s Transportation & Logistics Group Exceeds $1 Billion in Aviation Transactions in Twelve Months

June 2018

Fafinski Mark & Johnson announced today that the Transportations and Logistics Practice Group has exceeded $1 billion in transactions from June 2017 through the end of May 2018. These transactions have included domestic and cross-border aircraft financing and leasing, commercial aircraft trading, corporate jet purchases and sales, and mergers, acquisitions, and financing for aviation-related companies.

“Many of the transactions included the transfer of commercial aircraft portfolios in which the aircraft were on lease to airlines around the world,” said Kevin Johnson, Co-Chair of the Transportation and Logistics Group. In most cases, FMJ represents leasing companies, banks, and airlines, and the deals include both new commercial aircraft deliveries and investors re-deploying midlife aircraft as they come off lease. The deals in the last year involved more than 20 different countries on five continents.

Corporate jet purchases and sales account for about $120 million. These deals also tend to include advising clients on how to structure their aircraft ownership and use to comply with FAA regulations and maximize tax benefits. Others deals involved solely aircraft engines and parts. FMJ represented clients in over $60 million just in parts-related financings.

“Since 1999, we have been a large player in the aviation world, but I think companies don’t necessarily think of a Midwest law firm having such a large impact on the industry. This impressive amount in transactions definitely proves them wrong,” said Johnson.