Kate Graham Featured in the Journal of Food Law & Policy Discussing Federal Regulations of Pesticide Residues

September 2019

FMJ attorney Kate Graham was recently published in the Spring 2019 edition of the Journal of Food Law & Policy. Kate’s article titled, “Federal Regulation of Pesticide Residues: A Brief History and Analysis,” gleans poignant facts about the use of pesticides in the United States and the tensions that have arisen due to this use both globally and locally. She also discusses the regulatory framework and explains the process the U.S. government uses when approving pesticides for food production, managing potential public health risks, and enforcing policies throughout the food system.

To read the entire article, click here, and to view the entire Spring 2019 edition of the Journal of Food Law & Policy, click here.

Kate is a member of FMJ’s Agriculture practice group, Manufacturing practice group, and Trusts & Estates practice group. If you’re interested in speaking to Kate about the article, she can be reached at kate.graham@fmjlaw.com or (855) 806-1525.